Game Tips & Tricks

Give your plane a service, Pilot! Make sure your phone screen is clean. A cleaner screen will give you more accuracy in flight movement.

Height = Safety. The higher you fly the more time you will have to avoid enemy fire and anti aircraft flak.

Precision firing! Use short rapid bursts to engage enemy targets.

AAA 6 o’clock! Destroy all enemy ground vehicles and installations as a priority. If you do not do this they will make life a lot more difficult in the skies!

Cargo plane smash ‘n grab! Shoot down all transport planes for powerups and health boosts.

Finger position is important! Take control of your plane from anywhere on the screen. Your finger does not have to be on the plane to control it.

Check your Callsign, Pilot! Remember to change your name for the high score table via the settings menu.

Missiles on your six! Heat seeking missiles are extremely dangerous but make those dam things work for you and guide them into enemy vehicles and incoming fire!

Rumble Rumble! Remember to enable vibrations in the setup menu.